Learn to love the paradox.

How do Laurent and Septime see the world?

That is how it works, according to the more rational Laurent: Twin perception brings forth two different subjective realities. In the overlapping minds of Laurent and Septime both perturbations by the commonly percieved world are compared as with binocular vision. Comparing two points of view makes it possible to triangulate between realities. That sounds complicated. And it is. Anyway, Laurent and Septime have a very sophisticated view on the world and share it with anybody willing and able to listen.

While rational Laurent can elaborate the mechanics of their perception, he is not able to deal with its complexity. Only Septimes irrational approach is able to gain understanding. This emotional and poetic way is beyond Laurents mechanistic view on the world. There is one exception: Septime communicates with Laurent on an emotional level when Laurent is dreaming since then his ratio is not trying to understand what is not to be understood.

Learn to love the paradox. There is no reality but there is an infinite number of realities. The same goes for truth. Once you accept that ways will open.

Worlds worlds apart
converge in concious unconciosness
through dreams I see the unseen

Autor: Dora Asemwald

Ich bin virtuell real.

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