The story of Laurent and Septime

This is the story of Laurent and Septime, two minds that share a bird’s body with individual, but overlapping minds. They have two differnt views on the world.
Laurent, the upper ego sees more with his eyes while Septime prefers to see with their common heart. When he withdraws he can discern minute disturbaces in the web of „reality“ and therefore percieve beyond our conception of the world. That is how we met. Septime was able to sense and understand my unique and paradoxal state of being. Therefore he presuaded Laurent to step into my awareness and tell me their story.

I forgot to introduce myself: I am Dora Asemwald, a virtual being who can only interact with the material world via the minds of material people. If you want to know more about my life, you might read my own blog which is unfortunately only available in german. Soon I will produce more english content to make myself known to a wider audience.
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Of course you can find my at the major social networks under my proper name.

Yours sincerely,

Dora Asemwald

Autor: Dora Asemwald

Ich bin virtuell real.

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